Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Home Inspection?

A frequently asked question.  A home inspection is non-biased visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a house. We inspect over 400 items including the home’s structure, foundation, roof, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, windows, floors, doors, insulation and more.

I’m considering waiving a home inspection, Do I really need to have one?

Yes!  Purchasing a home is one of the largest financial commitments you will make in your life.  We understand that people may consider skipping the inspection for various reasons but that is not in your best interest.

Relatively speaking, a home inspection is a tiny fraction of your overall home purchasing cost.  You are about to spend a large sum of money on a home, and as tempting as it may be, if you skip the inspection, you may quickly regret it.

An inspection will provide you with a home’s overall current condition.  During an inspection, not only will you learn about the home in general, but it could reveal both minor and major repairs that you would want to take into consideration before you purchase the home.  Repairs that could have been taken into consideration or negotiated by your trusted agent before you are surprised after you take ownership of the home.

How much does a home inspection cost?

Home inspections are typically based on the size of the home, it’s age as well as additional home specific factors.  We break down those costs and are transparent about the pricing with our clients.  Give us a call at 863-866-7288 to get a free quote.

Should I base my inspection solely on the best price?

Price is always a consideration but you should not limit who you hire based solely on the cost of the inspection.  You need to consider the full picture before hiring an inspection company and ask questions such as:   What makes you qualified to perform our home inspection?  Do you do all of the inspections or do you third-party them out?  Why should I choose you as my inspection company?  Do you include warranties?

Read online reviews such as Google, Yelp and Facebook to get a sense of our company and why we are highly recommended by our clients and agents alike.

Why should I choose Orgova Home Inspections over another inspection company?

Simply put – quality.  We take our inspections very seriously.  We are your eyes and your advocate when purchasing a home.  When hiring us, you receive the expertise you deserve.   Our chief inspector is a 30-year degreed and experienced electrical engineer with 25 years of construction experience.  Though certification and licensure is extremely important, so is expert experience especially when it comes to the most hazardous system of your home, the electrical system.  There is no one in all of Central Florida that has the experience and the qualifications we have – and it shows.

In addition to your chief inspector being an electrical engineer, what else sets you apart?

We do not rush our inspections; we stay as long as a particular home takes to do the job right.  We include typical addons such as InfraRED Technology which detects hot spots within walls, under floors, etc., We include 90-day warranties* for Structural, Mechanical, Sewer Guard, Mold Safe, Platinum Roof, and Termites just by partnering with us for your home inspection.  When we inspect your home, you also qualify for 6 months free home warranty when purchasing a 12-month plan from our warranty provider.  6 months free is only for clients of Orgova Home Inspections and cannot be purchased separately.

We also include a lifetime subscription to Re-Call Check that will advise you if any of your systems that you register into the program has a recall.

All of the inspections we offer are done by us.  We do not third party contract any portion of our inspection out to other companies.  If we offer it…we do it!

Once your inspection report is sent, typically an inspection company’s part of your home purchase is complete.  However, when partnering with Orgova Home Inspections, we welcome you to contact us for any question you may have on your home during and after closing.   Are you doing post-closing repairs and need clarification?  Contact us!  Do you want to put an addition on and want a professional to lean on?  Call us!

Do You Perform Wood Destroying Organism / Pest Inspections?

Yes, we do!  We are certified pest inspectors through our partners at AmeriPRO Pest Control to perform, diagnose, and provide Florida State Reporting for termites & other wood destroying organisms.  We can provide this inspection during your home inspection, making it easier to get all of your inspection needs done at one time.

Can I come to the inspection?

Absolutely!  We welcome you to come shadow your inspector to see your potential home first hand and to learn about the home in general.  We kindly ask that when you shadow your inspector, you bring a pen & paper to jot down notes or questions that if not addressed during the inspection, they can be asked at the end. Your inspector is there to do a through job on your behalf and shadowing him is the best way to learn. 

When will I receive my report?

Typically, we release reports the same day of the inspection.

Consultation Calls are included

We want our client’s to be confident in their decision regarding the purchase of a home.  As such, after you receive your inspection report, we offer a consultation call to go over the report and to clarify any questions you may have. 

*Warranties are provided by our partners at RWS and subject to their terms and conditions. 

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