Are you buying a house with a well?

Mold Testing and Water Testing. Private well water has a higher potential for water contamination than public water. Many homeowners only test their drinking water for the presence of coliform/E. coli, however there are other potential concerns to consider. It is highly recommended to have a more thorough water test performed during a real estate transaction. Some lenders including FHA & VA even require it. Be sure to ask your lender what is required. If you buy or own a home with well water, annual water testing is recommended to monitor the potability of your water and assure no contamination has occurred.

Buying a house on public water?

Most public water is regularly tested to assure it is safe and potable. However, this testing occurs at the water treatment facility. Despite this testing, water can still be poor quality based on the condition of the delivery system, or even the exiting plumbing at a household level.

  • Lead Pipes – Authorities began to change the laws around the use of lead pipes in the 1920’s. Until this time it was common to use lead for service pipes (the underground pipe that carries water from the street to a building). Even if lead pipes are not present in a home, the underground service pipes may be lead.
  • Lead Solder – Solder is the ‘glue’ that connects two plumbing pipes.  Lead solder was not outlawed until the Clean Water Act of 1986. It is possible for plumbing up until this time to have been soldered with a Tin/Lead mix.
  • Compromised Pipes – Tree roots can compromise underground supply pipes.
  • Septic SystemsFailed, improperly installed, or inadequate minimum distance requirements to septic systems can contaminate a well.
VA/FHA loan well water testing and well requirements.

Below is an overview of the minimum basic tests and requirements for VA/FHA homes with well water.

  • Bacteria testing (E. Coli, Total Coliforms) – The standard bacteriological method for assessing the safety of water.
  • Lead testing – Lead can cause issues of physical or mental development in children and high blood pressure or kidney problems in adults.
  • Nitrate/Nitrites testing – Sources in drinking water include fertilizer run-off, leaching from septic tanks, and erosion of natural deposits.
  • Well flow rate testing – Minimum 3 – 5 Gallons Per Minute (GPM) flow.
  • Well property line distance verification – Minimum well location of 10 feet from the property line.
  • Septic system distance verification – Minimum 75 feet between the private well for potable drinking water and the septic system as per Florida. HUD requires 100 feet, however they indicate “75 feet if allowed by the local authority”.

VA Well Clarification Click Here

FHA Loan Well Standards Click Here


Mold can cause a variety of health problems, including respiratory, skin, and many other health issues. If you are in the market for a new home, rest assured Orgova Home Inspections has the tools and experience to perform mold sampling and have the test results back quickly from our AIHA accredited lab. Unfortunately mold can be present in any home, especially those with present or past moisture damage or leaks.

Mold and Moisture

Mold testing can be expensive in comparison to other inspection services, however, the health ramifications and home issues causing mold can be much more expensive short term of in the long run. It’s a scientific fact, mold typically does not grow in the absence of a moisture source. If there is mold present within a home, there is typically an underlying cause creating the mold condition.

Indoors and Outdoors

At Orgova Home Inspections, we recommend at least two air samples indoors in addition to the required air sample outdoors. For more comprehensive mold sampling, addition air samples can be added along with surface samples especially in any areas suspect of have mold or a water damage issue.

Contact Orgova Home Inspections today at (863)866-7288 to schedule all your water testing and mold testing needs throughout Lakeland, Auburndale, Winter Haven, Lake Alfred, Dr. Phillips, Lake Hamilton, Haines City, Dundee, Cypress Gardens, Davenport, Kissimmee, Groveland, Clermont, Plant City, Western Tampa, Winter Garden, Windemere, Champions Gate, Celebration, Eastern Orlando, Polk City, and many other areas throughout central Florida!

IAC2 Mold Certified



We are specially trained and certified by InterNACHI to conduct environmental inspections including mold and water quality testing.

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