Welcome to Certified Orgova Home Inspections! I’m Gregg Karas, one of your owners and inspectors of our family-run inspection company. Together with my wife Nancy, we started Orgova Home Inspections (OHI) as a family-owned business with a passion for helping others achieve their dream of homeownership. We built OHI as a family-run and operated business based out of Lakeland, serving most of Central Florida. At OHI, we make business decisions based on building strong relationships in our community and being advocates of people with special needs.

Consultative Approach

At OHI, we work hard to ease the stress of home inspections and the home purchasing process. Our consultative approach and being there for our clients long-term truly make us different. Every client and agent become part of the “Orgova Family” as we are there to support them even long after they have settled into their new home.

Qualified Home Inspection Experts

Your inspector is your eyes and ears when it comes to buying a home – one of the biggest financial investments of your life. Here at OHI, we are uniquely qualified to inspect your home and are truly experts in home inspections. We are InterNACHI Certified, Florida State Licensed inspectors, FAA Licensed Drone Operators, and Florida State WDO Experts through our partners at AmeriPro Pest. You can take comfort in knowing that our knowledge and experience go far beyond textbook learning, certifications, and licensure. We bring over 30 years of electrical engineering and 25 years of construction experience to each inspection, making us stand out in the industry.

Home Inspections Are Client Focused

Experience and knowledge are two things you should never compromise on, nor are they things that can be bought or easily acquired. The good news is that when you work with Orgova Certified Home Inspections, you don’t have to compromise at all! At OHI we never rush our inspections, nor do we stack appointments or believe in a “pass-fail system.” We allow for the necessary time that is needed complete the thorough inspection that you hired us for. After we provide a detailed inspection report, OHI will also offer a consultation call to our clients directly with your inspector. We understand that there is never going to be a “flawless” home.  However, we do believe that finding where a home needs attention is the key to making an informed decision. We are here to help advise you in your decision-making process!

Contact us today at (863)866-7288 to schedule your thorough inspection so you can make the best home-purchasing decision possible!

Home Inspection Expert Explaining Defects

“It’s not the same experience or knowledge that makes us stand out, it’s our decades of different experience and higher knowledge that does”  – unknown


Although it’s impossible to be an expert in everything, when it comes to choosing a home inspector it is important to find one who is well-rounded, knowledgeable, and experienced. The good news is that with Orgova Certified Home Inspections, you will be hiring inspectors who are skilled, hard-working, and well-versed in current building and home-inspection protocols. Our inspectors have ample experience in the electrical engineering and construction fields (25-30 years of it in fact!) and are all dedicated to doing the job honestly.

And, with Orgova Home Inspections, you don’t have to compromise at all! You will be comforted to know that I have the knowledge, the experience, and have worked in the electrical field for over 30 years. Of those years, 25 were in the field of construction.

Experienced Home Inspectors

Every system and structure in a home’s foundation is equally important, but the electrical system of a home can be both complicated and downright hazardous if not installed or maintained properly. This is just one situation where working with Orgova Home Inspections can make a world of difference. Do not settle when it comes to finding the right inspector who has both extensive knowledge and solid experience, especially in the electrical field.

In addition to having Electrical Expertise and an Electrical Engineer on staff, our inspectors are also InterNACHI Certified members in good standing. They are Certified Professional Home Inspectors (CPI), Florida Licensed Home Inspectors, and are certified WDO Inspectors through AmeriPro Pest Control. We bring all of our expertise and certifications together to provide clients with the most comprehensive inspection possible.

Orgova Home Inspection family


I’m Gregg Karas, one of the owners and inspectors at Orgova Home Inspections. I live in Central Florida and have 30 years of experience as an Electrical Engineer as well as 25 years of construction experience. It is because of my unique blend of knowledge and experience that clients and agents alike have sought out my services. I am a proud husband and father to two Disney-fanatic teens. When I’m not doing inspections, you will likely find me playing at the park with my family or relaxing poolside in my yard.

Orgova Home Inspection Family

My family moved to Central Florida several years ago to support our son, Jake. He is Autistic and has special needs that require the support of his family to navigate his way through college. Our daughter, Kierra, an aspiring pastry chef and chocolatier, is a competitive figure and speed skater. She  loves volunteering as a Special Olympics skating coach. When you call the office, you will most likely speak to my wife, Nancy, who is the brains of the entire business.

As a family, we try to encourage, inspire, and volunteer in our community – especially with special needs organizations. It would be my honor to be your advocate in the home purchasing process!

Proud Supporter of Autism Inclusion Employment



While we have many years of experience and full state licensing, we have gone beyond the minimum. Taking multiple courses to build on our existing knowledge, and further qualify to comprehensively inspect your home. We proudly offer thorough, quality home inspections.

Certified Drone Pilot
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